Best social media practices for your brand

19 June 2020

In this time period, your online presence is arguably more important than your offline presence. A lot of your customers are at home browsing, liking, sharing and commenting. A business should utilize this period to provide the prospective clients with best possible content, educating the clients about your products and services, also building rapport with them.

Following the given practices will help you connect better with your target customers:

Choosing the best networks to use (and to ignore)

Before you create a social media strategy plan, first know where your ideal clients are. In order to do that, you will have to research the demographics of the social network at hand. For example, according to the respective social networks, Instagram’s user base is heavily dominated by 18 and 24 old, Facebook by 25-34 year old, etc. Know where your target audience is and create content for them.

Brand Your Social Media Profile Pages

The perception of your company’s identity should be uniform across all channels. You’re not only building a stronger brand, but also creating awareness and loyalty.

Make it easy for consumers to recognize your business by maintaining consistency across the following areas:

Logo & Tagline: Always use the same logotype for your brand. This is a huge visual which will stick with your audience.

Imagery: You can customize virtually any social media page with images; use the same ones across networks to maintain a similar look and feel for your brand.

Define Your Social Media Voice And Tone

And finding your voice is key to connecting with your audience because people like brands they can relate to and that understand their needs.

The following two questions can help you find your social media voice :

What do you want your brand to sound like online? (Funny or serious? Professional or sarcastic?)
What vocabulary does your target audience use?

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