Nepal's first Mental Health Professionals' Directory

27 June 2022

Nepal Mental Health Initiative is a joint endeavour by six local organisations to generate awareness on mental health issues and make quality and affordable counselling services more approachable. Global Shapers Community Kathmandu, ANTARANG Psychological Research, YUWA, Happy Minds, National Institute of Research and Communications (NIRC) and Pahilo Kadma started this initiative with a realisation that our community lacks a directory of mental health services.

This is a one-step forward to de-stigmatise, normalise and prioritise mental health in our community and to make credible mental health support more accessible.

Curvesn' Colors has worked as the technical partner for the website design and development of the Nepal Mental Health Initiative. The website was made using WordPress and has a customised database, which helps individuals search for mental health professionals using a simple search bar. The search bar also allows one to search for professionals according to the location with ease.

The database is Nepal's first mental health professional directory and has essential information about the featured specialists such as their educational background, medium of service, area of expertise, fees, attributes, and location, enabling service seekers to choose a professional as per their requirements and requisites. Additionally, individuals can also leave personal feedback on all featured counsellors anonymously as their email addresses will not be published. This gives service-users the comfort and privacy to express their opinions discreetly and without any inhibition. Likewise, people can recommend a professional using a recommendation form present on the website, assisting individuals to acquire quality mental health services.

Similarly, the website also has a news and articles section which holds several educative and awareness-generating articles on different issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing. The website has been designed in a way that enables the Nepal Mental Health Initiative team to update this section and relevant content from their end.

The website is device responsive, easy to navigate, and has an extremely user-friendly interface. Moreover, shades of blue and white have been used throughout the website to create a minimalistic and clean look.

Nepal Mental Health Initiative is undoubtedly an extremely thoughtful step towards building a credible and reliable circle of mental health professionals along with increasing the community’s access to quality mental health services. We express great delight in being able to become a part of such a benevolent endeavour and believe that the Nepal Mental Health Initiative will help create a strong and supportive platform for both help givers and seekers in tandem with disseminating awareness on the importance of mental wellbeing.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us in case of any queries:

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