Terraces || A modern Himalayan experience overlooking ancient kingdoms

07 September 2021

As colder months approach and the need to get away from the everyday hustle increases, it becomes equally important to look for and find the right place to relax. Located at a lovely location on the southern rim of the Kathmandu valley, the Terraces Resort and Spa is the newest exclusive destination.


The Resort promises a highly personalized experience for all of its visitors along with a promising view of the mountains and the Kathmandu valley. The Resort attaches itself to a long-standing story of Nepal’s tourism pioneer - Ang Tshering Sherpa’s experience at Lakhuri. In the late 1980s, Sherpa was in awe of the magical view of descending rice terraces along with an inspiring view of the Himalayas and Kathmandu. The Terraces Resort and Spa aims to share the glory of this story with all.


To add to the charm of the resort, all rooms offered - deluxe, standard, and suite, come with a terrace balcony. The entire architecture of the resort is inspired by the Dzong - that is a fortress-monastery. Designed with the utmost care by Australian architect Tim Linkins and Italian interior designer Jurij Salluzzo, the Terraces Resort claims to offer you comfort and quality at its best.


Apart from this, the resort hosts a farm-to-table concept serving you delectable Nepali, Indian, Western, and Mediterranean cuisines with the freshest farm produce.


Nestled in the heart of nature, the resort provides an array of wellness facilities ranging from swimming pools, jacuzzis, to gyms and spa centers with a bundle of treatments and packages to choose from. They can also book you yoga sessions with specialist instructors and treatments by experienced therapists. You can also easily include exciting hiking trails, village tours, and even book an air trip to the Everest Base Camp in your itinerary for your stay at the resort.


We custom-designed the website for the Terraces Resort on WordPress. We have incorporated a clean look and feel to the entire website and included unique patterns inspired by Lakhuri Bhanjyang to add to the personality of the website. The warm color palette used on the website also elevates the user experience altogether.

We recommend you go experience this high-end luxurious escape with a 360 view of ancient kingdoms, which will rejuvenate you thoroughly.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us in case of any queries:

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