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08 April 2024

Nestled organically into the lush hillside bordering the tranquil banks of Phewa Lake is Dorje's Resort & Spa is a serene retreat envisioned and brought to life by its founder and namesake.  Designed in harmony with nature from conception to execution, Dorje's envelopes you wholly in the beauty and restorative power of its surroundings—verdant jungles, sweeping lake panoramas, fragrant gardens, and the peaceful sounds of the wilderness.

With the launch of its website, Dorje’s would be introduced as a brand to the world. Our goal was to have the online presence authentically mirror the resort's graceful fusion with its natural surroundings—interweaving visuals and words to transport users into its aura of luxurious sustainability. Touches of local style woven into resort architecture had to shine through the website as well. A key requirement personally for our team was to infuse the website with the founder’s vision and spirit—conveying his passion through strategic communication and storytelling.

Dorje’s had their logo ready and they were happy with it. Our job was to ensure there were no discrepancies between the website’s design and the theme and feel of the logo. From there on translating Dorje's Resort & Spa to digital life began with lengthy conversations with the maverick founder himself and leisurely exploration of the property.  

We tried to encapsulate Dorje Resort’s spiritual and aesthetic sensibilities in the website design. Clean page layouts, soothing color palette in various tones of henna green, and verdant images of lush gardens and elements of water translate the resort’s charm and tranquility onto the website’s design. 

At the website's heart lay the founder Dorje's vision of wellness, community, and sustainability. The still calmness of the resort and the Phewa lake resonates through the fonts and colors used in the website. The artistic elements of rolling hills at the end of each page, a leafy branch protruding from the edge of the screen, and the ubiquitous bird that dominates the resort’s logo are reminiscent of a stay in the resort. The aim of the resort is to give its guests a time-off and this is reflected in the playful artwork featured in the homepage. The same artwork is also a homage to Dorje’s community—Pokhara, and its refreshing lakes, lush greenery, culture and tourism.

We understood early on during the project that writing content for Dorje could not be mere content writing. Our responsibility was to tell its story and we couldn’t do it without telling the story of its owner.


We decided to keep the language simple, the words gentle, CTAs easing and visuals interactive. The writing is strategically planned to take readers on a journey similar to an experience one would have on the resort itself. We decided to conclude the pages with enduring commitments to eco-friendly operations and improving neighboring communities' lives, parallel to the resort’s own commitment and tangible practice. For the most part, we highlighted their services, offering and the best assets, gently guiding visitors to the booking portal to enable them to finally experience Dorje’s in person.

With this project, we got the opportunity to introduce our direct booking system as well. Dorje’s website has been integrated with the system to maximize their direct booking. This seamless system allows customers to pick their date of check-in, check-out and preferred room choice at Dorje’s, eventually booking directly with them. The system is built to be intuitive for all users whether it is a guest making a booking or a staff managing all bookings. We paired the system with staff training on how to use it.


The upside for Dorje’s with this integration is easy management of room rates and occupancy, capacity to accept direct payments from all local and international payment gateways, application of offer rates, discounts and promo codes, and maximized direct booking ratio.

It is always exciting to partner with a new brand. For us the overall working experience is improved when the brand knows what it is after. Dorje’s had a brief idea of what they wanted, and that was good enough for us. We helped expand that idea to a vision board, helped rearrange it, paint it, and make it uniquely their own.


Our journey with Dorje’s started with uncovering the owner’s story, understanding his vision, and seeing the work that has been put behind the property. Experiencing the property and its services ourselves equipped us to match that passion on a digital landscape. The design team started with a moodboard to accurately reflect Dorje’s ambiance and feel. Creative brainstorming sessions to finalize the basics of Dorje’s artworks and aesthetics was fun and invigorating. We decided to keep the UI/UX simple but effective to eventually lead clients to the booking portal. Perhaps the best part of working on this project was being able to introduce our direct booking system through it. Dorje’s now uses our seamless booking system that maximizes direct bookings from their website.


We’d like to thank Dorje’s for keeping their faith in us and trusting us with this dream project.

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