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14 March 2019

Sanitation and cleanliness has become a top priority in light of the current global pandemic. Right now, it is essential for us to be as cautious as we can in order to make sure that we all take precautions and follow all regulations advised to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Curves n’ Colors recently worked with iCLEAN Technology for their website and collateral designs. iCLEAN is a revolutionary cleaning technology that is time efficient and very cost effective as compared to traditional cleaning methods.

iCLEAN360 HOCl is a multi-use antiseptic and disinfectant that the company provides. The primary active ingredient in this is Hypochlorous acid. WIth many years of research and study, it has been clarified that hypochlorous acid kills 99.99% of pathogens in the matter of a few seconds. The acid is non-toxic and non hazardous and does not cause any irritation to eyes and skin. And since the acid is a naturally existing ingredient in the human body, it is also the ideal sanitizer for direct food sanitation.


We created a WordPress theme for step by step custom development. We have also given great attention to the typography to help provide a clean and fresh experience along with all the information. The UI design of the website is really clean and fresh. Maximum effort has been given to provide all necessary information about the proper use of all products offered along with scientific reasonings and explaining wherever required.


The icons and graphical patterns created for iCLEAN Technology are all unique and have a simple and stimulating visual appeal that emphasizes the usability of iCLEAN products for cleanliness and sanitation.

The company is already working with a lot of businesses here in Nepal and are garnering attention from the general public steadfastly because of their excellent results. We had a wonderful experience working with iCLEAN Technology, and we are happy to say, even our office is sanitized by iCLEAN Technology!

You can view the live website here:

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